Your service is the best one out there - far and away the best I have ever used!!  Rev. Michael Suden

I have found you homilies very meaningful and easy to use. I have used them practically exclusively since I first subscribed...  Rev. Edward F. Powell

I love GraceWorks! I highly recommend everyone to get this homily resource and see. Rev. Antonio Jorge Tchingui

The author of these sermons always gets my creativity going. His openings grab attention and he finds practical applications that touch people where they live. GraceWorks is a fantastic help for my preaching. Thank you!  Rev. David Slorpe

I have enjoyed GraceWorks for its timely stories and its organization. You cover a lot in two pages!!!  Rev. Bob Kabat

Direct and straight to the point. Practical and inspiring. Really, GraceWorks, keep up the good work for the Lord.  Father Anthony J. Alaharasan

Great to stimulate your own thinking, thought-provoking, written from a very practical standpoint.  Rev. Gary Harmeyer

I have found it very helpful with refreshing insights.  Father Paddy Kennedy